About Alfifa

Al FIFA, General Services is the Nucleus of the present AL FIFA GROUP, took its origin in the year 1977.

It all started with one small office in Dammam in 1977. The newly established office started to gain good reputation among the booming businesses at that time. The first contract for the office was Saudi Aramco for Passport Delivery between Dhahran and Jeddah . The company grew rapidly in term of business size and in number of offices covering most of the kingdom. Because of the quality of our service, with sincerity, responsibility and the integrity with which the jobs were performed, we could get a very strong footing in the field and also fastest growth in a short span of time, even beyond our expectations. This filled in us new vigour and encouragement in spreading our wings in other cities such as Riyadh, Jeddah, Hassa, Jubail, and Abha.

Today, Al FIFA General Services is ranked number 1 in Saudi Arabia. It has 14 branches all over the Kingdom. The main field of business is processing transactions with all the Embassies situated in Jeddah & Riyadh and Government Offices.

What we do?

Our services is Pre-traveling Business or it is usually called Embassy Services, On behalf of our clients we obtain the required services from embassies in Saudi Arabia. This service can vary from obtaining Visa to renewal of passport. We provide our service to our clients as Walk-In or through Courier Service.

These transactions include:

  • Obtaining of visas for tourism, business and medical treatment purposes.
  • Renewal of passports, obtaining of new booklets, and all other relevant transactions.
  • All other Embassy-related services.
  • Hotel and travel booking
  • Immigration services

AlFifa can help you expedite orders so you can get your travel visa in time for your trip. Whether you're traveling on business or leisure, we'll guide you through the process quickly and easily for your travel visa needs.

When using AlFifa , we not only save you time, we also professionally review your visa application for accuracy and completeness. We then personally hand-deliver your visa application to and from the Consular Office or Embassy and ship it to you via traceable express service, helping ensure your travel visa is received in time for your trip!